Deconstructing The “Little White Lie”


We’ve all heard them, and probably said some of them. Those polite little phrases and idioms that are anything but. In fact, they are delivered with a neon sign that says, “I’m lying to you, but I’m doing it politely.”

Finally there is a quintessential guide to the true meanings of these “little white lies”. Not since “What’s up, Tiger Lily?” has a translation been so precise.

“Let’s agree to disagree”
“You’re wrong but I don’t feel like arguing”
“With all due respect”
“You are an idiot”
“Just between us”
“I’m going to tell you something benign and you’re going to divulge a dirty secret”
“You never know”
“Pigs will fly first”
“Have you done something different with your hair?”
“Good God, I hope this wasn’t intentional”
“Don’t take this the wrong way”
“Stick your face out, I’m going to verbally slap it”
“Far be it from me”
“I don’t judge, wait, yes I do”
“My two cents worth”
“I’m going to ‘wow’ you with my false humility”
“You haven’t aged a bit”
“You’ve aged A LOT”

COMING SOON: The Little White Lie Translator App!



  1. I’m going to need that translator – these are all lies that I’ve never noticed! the small “paper cut” type..hmmmmm.makes me want to think of MORE!!!

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